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Συστήματα Μετάδοσης Κίνησης Τσιρίκος από το 1968

Tsirikos Transmission Systems was founded in 1968 by Christos Tsirikos, driven by the corporate mission to transport and trade transmission systems of high quality. Since the early days of our company, our products have constituted solutions for developing and established industries in Greece. Our constant investments and research for targeted products have been determinant for the company to be recognized as the sole, most appropriate choice for the needs of any type of business.

Throughout its existence, Tsirikos Transmission Systems has frequently participated in global expositions, broadening its collaborations, while covering the industry of transmission systems in all its aspects.

The inheritors of the company, Evangelos and Konstantinos Tsirikos, characterised by their professionalism and expertise, have established solid relationships with a wide network of suppliers and manufacturers, offering high quality products at competitive rates.

Tsirikos Transmission Systems is a rapidly growing company which supplies the entire greek as well as global markets, such as Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM. Romania, Ghana, Cameroon and so forth.