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Diamond Chain


At the Diamond Chain Company, roller chain is our passion, our focus, and our calling. Our continuing success depends on your success and that's why attention is paid to the smallest of details when it comes to our businesses.
At Diamond Chain, we know that our engineering and manufacturing processes are second to none. In fact, we're so confident that “Nothing Outlasts a Diamond,” that we back our products with an industry leading warranties against defect in material and workmanship. 

And, Diamond Chain matches its world class products with world class service. From onsite maintenance seminars and technical support, to custom solutions and made-to-order products, Diamond Chain is available with the people and expertise to solve your problems. 

Briefly, below are some of the top quality products of the American company:
  • Transmission Chain Standard Series, European Standard DIN 8187 andHeavy Series Chain
  • Heavy series chains are intended for applications subject to heavy shock loads, starts and stops, and forward and reverse travel, Heavy Series Chain and High Strength / Lift Chain
  • A variety of roller chain products for agricultural applications, Agriculture Roller Chain
  • Hollow Pin series chains, suitable for conveyor applications Hollow Pin Roller Chain
  • Single- and Double-Pitch chains are available assembled with either attachment link plates or extended pins. While the attachments' shapes and sizes are "standard," their uses are limited only by your imagination, Attachment and Made to Order Roller Chain
  • A full assortment of roller chain with special substrates or finishes for use in humid and corrosive manufacturing environments, Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain
  • Conveyor Chains with figure-eight style or oval contour link plates which can be supplied with one or more of our many attachments or pins to carry or convey products, Extended Pin Roller Chains
  • Maintenance free roller chain series are intended for applications where regular lubrication is not possible or practical, Maintenance Free Series Roller Chain
  • Manufactured up to twelve strands wide, these Roller Chain products are suitable for the Oil and Gas industries, Oil and Gas CTI Series Roller Chain
  • Powersports chains, designed to meet the individual needs of the powersports enthusiast for ATVs, go-karts, motorcycles and snowmobiles, Power Sports Chain

At the Diamond Chain Company, we manufacture, since 1890, the world's highest-performing roller chain. From the Wright Brothers, to Henry Ford, to global leaders of our time, Diamond Chain is the roller chain most trusted to perform, when performance matters most.

What is the Diamond Difference?
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