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Dunlop Industrial Belts
   Across all industries, power transmission demands high standards of safety, quality and cost efficiency. Leader in industrial power transmission for decades, Dunlop™ Industrial Belts offers to industry a comprehensive range that meets today’s stringent requirements.
   Dunlop™ V-belts are constructed from tough, long-lasting synthetic rubber, reinforced with low elongation polyester cords. Specially designed synthetic rubber compounds give heat and oil resistance which ensures that the belts will perform excellently day after day in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
   Dunlop™ timing belts offers the best possible technology for synchronous drives allowing exceptional mechanical efficiency, resistance to high and intermittent overloads together with low fitting tensions.
   Dunlop™ ribbed belts are made of high quality and technology synthetic rubber, offered in H, J, L and M profiles.
   Use of the highest quality raw materials, superior manufacture technology and rigorous quality control (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications) ensure that Dunlop™ Industrial Belts exceed internationally accepted quality standards.
   Find more information in the Official Dunlop™ Industrial Belts products guide :http://dunloptransmissions.com/images/Dunlop-Products-Guide.pdf
   Download http://dunloptransmissions.com/index.php/download/software the inovative calculation program of Dunlop™ DCP. A very useful tool for the ideal belt & pulley type and size selection, the optimal belt tension, etc
   Discover through our promo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxOcbV6h_k4 all available Dunlop™ V belt series, White Flash, Blue Wave, Red Fire, and make the right choice based on the real needs of your industrial application.