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Wedge Raw Edge V Belts

Advanced applied technology gives Dunlop™ Wedge Raw Edge V Belts (XpZ, XpA, XpB, XpC) all mechanical and chemical features that are essential for a flawless behavior in every industrial application.
Mechanical features
Smooth starting and running
Wide range of driven speeds, using standard electric motors
Low maintenance
High efficient
No need for lubrication
Extremely wide horsepower ranges
Dampen vibrations between driver and driven pulleys
Silent operations
Long service life
Easy installation
Reduction in drive dimensions
Chemical features
Working temperatures range -30oC to +70oC
Resistance to oil and heat
Antistatic properties according to ISO 1813
Additionally due to their geometry (wider lateral adhesion surface) and their toothed structure, they can achieve highest levels of adhesion, flexibility and ventilation. This feature gives them up to 60% increased life span, oil & heat resistance and energy saving
Suitable for centrifugal pumps, compressors, generators, tool machines, high power mills, stone mills, air conditioning units, industrial fans, blenders, agricultural machines, irrigation systems, other agricultural and industrial applications etc.
Preferable due to their excellent performance, when performance matters most.
Available in XpZ (9.7x8mm), XpA (12.7x10mm), XpB (16.3x13mm), XpC (22x18mm) from 512mm to 5022mm length